Importance to wash your Lash Extensions

The purpose of eyelashes are to catch dirt and debris and keep them out of the eye. Naturally, the lash line is the “collector” therefore must be cleaned daily. When wearing eyelash extensions the lash line is more prone to debris getting caught in the lash line therefore daily washing is a must. If proper clean is not done daily, allergies are increased and dead skin begins to build in the lash line.

How to wash your eyelash extensions:

  • Step 1. Use an oil free lash cleanser (or baby shampoo) to the lash line. Gently cleanse the lash and eye area, stroking up. Be cautions to not be rough on the extensions, gentle does it.
  • Step 2. With hands full of water from the sink, rinse the cleanser from your eyes and lashes.
  • Step 3. Once all the cleanser is rinsed out, gently pat dry with towel not paper.
  • Step 4. Reshape and style your extensions by spinning a wand through them and be on your way with clean sexy lashes!

The issues of poor eyelash hygiene

Increased allergies and irritations: With the lash line being the collector of debris such as pollen, dirt or allergens in the air, washing is vital to keep allergies at bay.

Excess of eyelash mites: Wow, I have mites in my lash line?? Yes, mites are a natural thing, most people have them. They are the little maids that work constantly to clean up dead skin and debris. We need to have some mites for normal clean up but an over abundance of mites becomes a big problem.

These are microscopic mites invisible to the eye live in the opening of the hair follicle. When there is a healthy amount they do their job just fine. On the reverse, an over abundance of mites can cause problems such as Bhleperitis, flaky lash line, redness and irritation or even premature eyelash loss.

Build up of dead skin/make up on the lash line: Excess build up of dead skin or make up is not only unsightly but can make it hard for your lash professional. And if applying extensions to unclean lashes the bond won’t be the best and the extensions may fall early.

Conclusion… To keep your eyelash extensions clean, beautiful and care free, be sure to wash daily.

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