Deluxe Expert Eyelash Adhesive


The material safety data of this glue is in accordance with EC Directive and is fully compliant with REACH regulations. This glue has also been ISO 10993-5 approved.




User Instructions

‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive is my new supper fast setting eyelash adhesive recommended for experienced lash technicians only. ‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive sets and polymerizes in a blink of an eye.

‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive manufactured and specially formulated in compliance with EU regulations, using medically approved ingredients. It has minimum fumes, latex-free and unrivalled retention. The material safety data of this glue is  fully compliant with REACH regulations. This glue has also been ISO 10993-5 approved.

Ideal for both Classic 1:1 and Russian volume eyelash extensions.


How to store ‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive

For the best results it is advisable to store ‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive in the dark, cool place between 18 – 19 C in the upright position, unopened bottle lasts up to 6 months, opened up to 2 months.

Opened or unopened its best kept in  a bag with a silica bag/rice inside. NOT in the fridge!

How humidity and temperature affects ‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive

Humidity affects workability of the adhesive. It best performs in higher humidity between 48 – 55 %. It is very important to highlight that temperature of the premisses is playing vital role too.

*Case Study*

*If the temperature in the room is between 18 – 22 C and humidity 48 – 55 %, lash adhesive will set best.

*If temperature is higher but humidity 48 – 55%, the adhesive will lose its normal texture and will become lumpy and gooey and more difficult to work with. 

Correct ‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive usage

Before first use, it must be shaken for up to 60 seconds. Please note that before each new drop of eyelash adhesive in the same session you would need to shake bottle again for 20 seconds in order to mix the pigment in the glue to keep it in right consistency.

Place lint free tissue on the opened adhesive nozzle and then shake it. If you shake adhesive with the lid on, it will cause the adhesive residue build around it which will prevent bottle from closing tightly. Then air and humidity will find the way in the bottle and ruin the lash adhesive.

Best Eyelash Retention Results

In order to have best results and long retention, only use a tiny amount of ‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive

For Classic 1:1 Eyelash Extensions first isolate the natural lash and only then dip the base of the lash you’re applying into the glue and slowly remove it. Removing it fast will form beads of adhesive on the lash which in turn will prolong setting time. Do not swipe the glue over the natural lash. Place it on it and gently press it

For Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions you only need to pick up a tiny bead of adhesive on the base of your 2D – 6D fan.

Bonds skin instantly. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin. Keep away from children. Eyelid bonding: consult a physician. Skin bonding: soak and ease apart gently. Patch test is necessary at least 24 hours before the application.
For professional use only.


To get the best out of the ‘Lash by Jayne’ Deluxe Expert Lash Adhesive and achieve long retention, here are few tips I want to share with you.. 

  • Never prime natural lashes as primers contain alcohol, which dehydrates eyelashes and affects adhesive setting time.
  • Always cleanse well the natural lashes before applying eyelash extensions.
  • Eyelash hygiene is very important. Wash it every 1-3 days with extension cleaning solutions or baby shampoo diluted with water.